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Happy New Year

Happy new year to all my family, friends and clients. It feels weird to differentiate between those last two groups of people in my life since many of my clients have become wonderful friends.  2011 came and went by quickly. My son, now 18 months old, made sure I didn’t sit in one place too long.

Last year was an interesting year for me. My self-imposed hiatus from large jobs so I could spend quality time with my son ended and I was met with zero inquiries. A full year off and out of the ‘game’ was going to be more difficult to bounce back from than I had originally anticipated. I can say now that it was one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made. To be home and focus on the family, watch my son grow as I fed him breakfast every morning and read him stories every night, it was the most rewarding thing I’ve done. In hindsight however it probably wasn’t the best business decision as things were very slow when I opened my calendar during the summer.

Things starting picking up towards the end of the year which was a good sign for 2012. I have a couple of weddings on the calendar and plan on working with a few new photographers this year. Anoop Shah Photography will be expanding the services that it offers. We will be adding more corporate based services as our clients in that area expands and potentially adding more portrait options. We will be bringing up a new website and integrating the blog with it so we have one simple and elegant look.

Here’s to a new year, may your journeys be as rewarding as your destinations.


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Kavita S. – Maternity

Here’s Kavita my wife. I never got an opportunity to take full advantage of a pregnant woman living with me. Kavita and I had so many great ideas for images we wanted to capture while she was pregnant, unfortunately we both were unbelievably busy and time together was used to prepare for Jaymin’s arrival. I snuck some shots of her baby bump in during an engagement shoot in Washington DC and again only 7 days before she gave birth. I was so disappointed I didn’t get time to do more with her.

She really wanted a silhouette of herself and we never could get the time to pull it off except early on in her pregnancy at the beach. Never when she had her full belly which she was so proud of. This was one of the reasons why I decided to take time off from the business. If I didn’t have time to take pictures of my wife what would that mean about time with my son? As you can see in one of the images below he was ready to come out. Kavita’s belly moved so much for a few minutes it looked like he was doing somersaults.



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